Noircir Wikipedia

Noircir Wikipedia / Blackening Wikipedia aims to create more entries on the online encyclopedia, with other views of the global South and the inner South, that lies at the very heart of the colonialist metropolises.
Blackening Wikipedia edits and review Wikipedia entries with a decolonial, anti-racist and anti-patriarchal eyes. The project wishes to:
– eradicate euphemisms based on gender, color and/or origin
– to include the theories, knowledge and concepts generated from the questioning of the hegemony of Eurocentric thought and the patriarchal system and gender diversities
– to use the sources of pluri-universal knowledge.

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Gala Mayí-Miranda is the co-founder of the wikipedian French and Spanish projects Noircir Wikipédia and Ennegreciendo Wikipedia. Gala is an Art Historian specialized in the Caribbean contemporary visual arts.

Ivonne González Núñez, afrocuban lawyer, musician, performer and afro-feminist artivist. She’s the founder and leader of the Blackening Wikipedia project.